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Short Film - REHAB - Final Draft to Blog?

                                    EXT. TWO-STORY SUBURBAN HOUSE IN THE HILLS - NIGHT                A CARREY GORDON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY truck is parked in                front. DAVE (50), enters the garage. His phone is on speaker.                RING. RING. No Answer. He cautiously walks into the house.                INT. LIVING ROOM - CONTINUOUS                The coffee table's strewn with drug paraphernalia. CARREY is                sprawled on the sofa not moving. Dave shakes him.                                    DAVE                              (yelling)                          Carrey.                Carrey disoriented pulls a gun and aims it in Dave's face.                                    DAVE                          It's me.                Carrey puts the gun down on the coffee table.                                    CARREY                              (breathing hard)                          What are you doing here?                Carrey (49) is big

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