I feel like tech support… For my mom.

Today she called and said, she can’t go on the trip because her knee is hurting much more than when we booked the flights and her stomach is also bothering her so we need to cancel. 

Me: Hey mom, I canceled the flight but they won’t give me a refund until you send me proof from your doctor that you can’t fly. Can you send me something? I’m on the airline's website.

Mom: What?

Me: A note stating that you're having surgery on your knee and that’s why you can’t go?

Mom: Yes, I have a doctor's note, with the date and all the information about the surgery, but he didn’t sign it he stapled his card to the bottom.

Me: That's perfect. But you need to send it now or the websites going to time out. Can you take a picture of it and send it to me? 

Mom: Yes, I’ll call you back.


Mom: Did you get it?

Me: How did you send it?

Mom: I don’t know.

Me: Mom did you email it or text it?

Mom: I don’t know.

Mom: I was trying to watch Downton Abbey, it’s fabulous, are you watching it?

Me: Mom, How did you send it, I need to upload it to the website. Can you email it?

Mom: Of course, I know how to email, but they give you so many options. I just need to find the picture. Wait, I’ll do it again… Let me call you back.


Mom: Did you get it?

Me: Yeah, just came through, I need to upload it. 

Mom: I never got the robe I ordered on The Facebook?

Me: Mom, please stop buying stuff on the Internet.

Mom: I didn’t, it was on The Facebook. Downton Abbey is just frozen on the screen. 

Me: Reboot the directTV box.

Mom: What? I’m on hold with Verizon, they'll be able to fix it.


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