Short Film - REHAB - Final Draft to Blog?




               A CARREY GORDON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY truck is parked in

               front. DAVE (50), enters the garage. His phone is on speaker.

               RING. RING. No Answer. He cautiously walks into the house.


               The coffee table's strewn with drug paraphernalia. CARREY is

               sprawled on the sofa not moving. Dave shakes him.




               Carrey disoriented pulls a gun and aims it in Dave's face.


                         It's me.

               Carrey puts the gun down on the coffee table.


                             (breathing hard)

                         What are you doing here?

               Carrey (49) is big and muscular.  He's sweating and his eyes

               bulge. Dave lifts him up and puts his arm around him.


                         Come on buddy, we need to get you

                         into rehab tonight.

               Carrey pushes Dave. He falls backward bouncing off the

               coffee table and onto the ground.


                         I'm not going to rehab. Know pisses

                         me off? When a "normie" thinks they

                         can walk into your life with all

                         their wisdom and change the fact

                         that I'm a fuckin' addict.

               Dave slowly gets up.


                         You're a mess. You almost shot your

                         oldest friend?  You need to go in!

               Dave tucks and rushes Carrey. They grapple on the floor.


                         It's been six months. People have

                         affairs', marriages fall apart.

                         It's time to go in.

               Entwined like high school wrestlers they roll on the floor

               into a shelf. A picture of Carrey, a woman and an eight-year-

               old little girl crashes to the floor shattering inches from

               Dave's head.


                         Everything's fucked, what's the

                         point. Not now, leave me alone.

               Carey pins him on his back, his fist clenched in the air.


                         Your daughter's been taken by Child

                         Protective Services.


                         CHLOE. Where?

               Carrey puts his hand down. Dave looks at his watch.


                         You've got two hours to get to the

                         Betty Ford clinic.

               Carrey raises his fist again.


                         Where is she? I will fucking punch

                         you. Tell me what happen-

               Carrey jabs, but pulls the punch. Dave winces.


                         If I'm not in court tomorrow with

                         proof that you are in a rehab,

                         they'll put your daughter in foster

                         care and then it's over.

               Carrey picks up Dave letting him drop hard onto the ground.


                         They can't do that.


                         If you're not in, getting treatment

                         by tonight, they can do it, and they

                         will do it.

               Carrey stands, visibly shaken.


                         I'm getting sick - I need to fix

                         and take a shower, then-

               Dave jumps to his feet blocking Carrey from going upstairs.



                         -No fuckin' way. I'm not explaining

                         to my god-daughter how her father


               Carrey tosses Dave a Narcan spray.



               Dave catches it.


                         Are you fucking kidding me? Your

                         going to rehab one way or another.

               Carrey pushes past him and starts up the stairs.



                         Take another step I'm calling 911.


                             (his back to Dave)

                         You're not going to do that.

               Dave dials 911 and puts his phone to his ear.



                         I want to report an overdose.

               Not waiting for a response, he sets the phone down and grabs

               the gun off the coffee table and runs upstairs.

                                   CARREY (O.C.)


                         Don't come up here.


               Syringes blanket the counter and there's blood spatter on the

               walls and mirrors. Carrey pulls off his shirt revealing scabs and track marks.

               He fills the syringe with a mixture of cocaine and heroin.

               Dave enters the bathroom and raises the gun.


                         So help me, I will fucking shoot

                         you in the leg.


                             (into the mirror)

                         For the record, I would never have

                         cheated on my wife, and I love

                         Chloe more than anything.

               He connects, pushing the speedball into his chest. Dave fires

               the handgun into the mirror. The SOUND is deafening. Smoke

               fills the air and shards of broken glass rain down them.


                         What the fuck?

               Carrey's super high. SIRENS (O.S.) getting closer. He turns

               moving cautiously down the stairs. He grabs the railing

               beginning to nod out.


                         Tomorrow man. I swear, I'll go in

                         with you tomorrow.

               Dave puts his arm around him and helps him down the stairs.



                         Tonight buddy, You're going in




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